The Lioness

20130822-222957.jpgThe Lioness has risen strong, powerful, and magnificent.
Empowered with courage, strength and might, to be bold and stand strong in the fight.
The fight against lies, hatred, and deceit. All that the enemy uses to defeat.

The Lioness has risen Endowed with all the qualities needed to succeed, as long as to her Lord she continues to heed.
The Lioness has risen; standing strong, full of insight and wisdom, to bring understanding to all who will listen. She holds within her the Powers of heaven to restore and set free, all whom she’s been given.

She is powerful, confident and filled with courage, ready to embrace those who are tired and discouraged. Ready to bring them to the well where the waters run deep,
Quieting the troubled soul allowing them to receive; the message spoken loud and clear, to all who will take heed and hear.
If you trust in me your pain will disappear, deep into the depths of the earth; where I once descended for your rebirth.
My bloodshed for you to be free, no longer in bondage to the guilt of your humanity. I give as a gift life everlasting to all who receive; it’s theirs just for asking.
The Lioness has risen to empower you to be free. Take all that is yours, you who were chosen by me.
The Lioness has risen who might she be? The Lioness is me.


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