Scenes from my Inner Thoughts

ImageFor the invisible things of him are made intelligible and clearly discernible in and throughout the things that are made… excerpt from Romans 1:20. That is the thought that infiltrated my mind this morning as I was sitting and thinking about a direction of my life.
I had a quick vision of me in a classroom that I was the teacher in, talking to a student that I was helping with a life circumstance. In the discussion I was helping him to understand that it is not God making or causing bad things to happen in life. Some things are like phisics; laws that are set in motion being played out.
I am of the persuasion that God is supernaturally natural. Though he is spirit and works in the realm of the supernatural, there are many things he set in the natural realm, that are just a part of what takes place when boundaries are violated. I think we look so much for his workings in our lives to be so other worldly that we miss his simplicity. He has let us know that his qualities can be clearly seen throughout his creation even our own human bodies.
Imagethink of George Washington Carver in all that he did with the peanut. He came up with a myriad of of things that could be used from that one little nut. And, when asked how he thought of them he said, that he would go into what he called “Gods little workshop” and consult the one who created the peanut. Using the knowledge that he had about science, and the wisdom of God, he was able to uncover all of the various attributes that was possible from that one little nut.
The saying “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” is another thought that comes to mind in the thinking of life’s little surprises. In reality many of the things we get out of life can be known, we just aren’t looking or paying attention to the right things. Again the invisible things are seen by the things that are visible.
Our actions whether positive or negative will have a reaction or yield a result of some sort. Our thoughts are producing, wether intentional or not; some sort of pattern that our mind and body follows, either in the non conscious or conscious realm.
This dance called life is a wonderful world that has so much to get out of before it’s over. Each one having a distinct purpose and unique dynamic that we only can fulfill; while symbiotically fitting in to the whole of the puzzle. And the way to navigate through it receiving all that we are to do has been made available; if we are only willing to look to the one who created the map in the first place.
NPoint is, there are no random happenings in our lives, it is not like a jumbled box of chocolates, it’s not an accident nor fate setting its course. Our life was formed with a set purpose and design and when we don’t follow the design the laws of consequence are activated. God is not some irrational connivence that we can throw all the ills of life onto as being his fault for not interrupting and making them go away.

His attributes, qualities and awesomeness is clearly seen and understood through his creation, and if we slow down enough and look we will see that he has set us up pretty well; even provided a way of escaping what we have messed up and torn down. But of course that’s too simple for us to see, you see were too busy complicating the message berating and blaming it for not fitting into our form of acceptance. Life is like a box of chocolates, you get to choose.


The Epiphany

Strange thing happened while sitting here at the airport, waiting for my flight to board, reminiscing over the past six weeks here in California with my family. I am sitting here observing myself, observe me. It feels like an out of body experience; as I sit here, and watch myself step outside of me and observe my thoughts and feelings. I knew upon coming that the experience would yield for me far more than what I initially came here for.
Though I did not know what, I knew that this trip would be a part of something that would set me on a new path or be part of a new sense of destiny. God works in multiples, he doesn’t just move you in directions for one purpose but works multiple plans simultaneously.

I felt a sense of confidence and purpose that I had not felt before I Lula, at the airport traveling alone, a black woman, who was once timid and afraid to think on my own having been brainwashed into trying to be “mindless” (that is another story), now here thinking about the possibilities in my life. Now feeling like for the first time that I am heading in a direction in my life that I dreamed of, making moves, and plans that come from my own passion and drive, knowing that it is ok and giving myself permission to do things that I thought of before but was never confident enough to peruse, that I didn’t think I could do or deserve to have.

I actually feel like I can. That I now actually have permission to enjoy life, and do something that I want. That I can actually dictate the direction that I want my life to go not dependent on anyone else’s wishes or get their permission. I don’t even have to worry about wether I am in the will of God or not, because he has placed his song in my heart and for the first time in my life I’m actually hearing it. I know that may sound strange coming from a 54 year old grandmother but when your teens and nearly all of your adult life is lived under the dictates of someone else’s control, abuse, misuse and advantage, you loose who you are, and what your true purpose for being here is, along with any desires, ambitions or potential you may have or had.

It is such a free and exhilarating feeling to think and feel that you want to do something in life and know you can, and have what it takes to get there. It is a testament that at any age you can awaken and take hold of your freedom to BE……