Heart to Heart

Felling very grateful to The Lord for his goodness, loving kindness and mercy towards me. No, I haven’t had some miraculous event happen. As a matter of fact, I am currently over my head in debts and bills, with no means of paying them. But in spite of that I received an epiphany concerning his great love and provision for me.  If I let go and trust him completely, he will show me what I need to do to release the blockages that are hindering the provisions that I need from coming through.  No, it’s not connected to my tithing, or any of the other ways to “receive” The Lords blessing that most churches teach.
In actuality, this revelation came on the heels of me looking at a couple of DVD’s that were talking about alternative methods, and ways of healing ourselves from aches and pains in the body. One of the studies revealed that 95% of the physical ailments that we experience in our bodies, is tied to negative emotions, energy that has been stored in our sub conscious mind; which is believed to be where our true belief system lies. It was said that our conscious mind only holds 5% of what we believe, and when our sub conscious beliefs don’t align with our conscious beliefs, the result causes discord in the body which produces negative energy that sometimes get trapped and causes disease. I know for some, this sounds like a bunch of New age mumbo jumbo that I as a Christian should not be entertaining. My belief is that if you truly are a believer then you would realize that much of this knowledge, though not spoken of by our Lord as put, is the basis of what he knew to be true and came to deliver and save us from.  That’s another discussion.  As I was listening, much of it resonated within me and I was able to see why Jesus would admonish us to think and meditate on his words, or not to do and live in certain ways. He knew that in doing so we could be saved from having to experience the perils of what happens if we don’t follow his recommendations. What they were saying, and have found as answers to our body’s miraculous ability to heal itself; was given by my Lord, but his emphasis is that he be the anchor and guide to get us through it. He said that we have to renew our minds from all the ways that we have been programmed into, to the new life of Hope and deliverance he has provided. That mind renewal is practical and spiritual in nature.
I am constantly amazed at how the bible really does hold the answers to all we need in life; particularly the new testament of Jesus Christ. He really did come to give us life in abundance. The problem is,  we read it (the Bible) with our pre programmed religious views, and from a mental, academic mindset, and we miss, or don’t get the truth and essence of what it is saying. That’s because it is a living word who’s truths cannot be fully unlocked through mental knowledge and understanding alone, but in essence of spirit. Jesus said his words are life. In order to get the true essence of who he is, and what he did for us; we have to connect with his words realizing that they are alive and in spirit, emphasis mine.

In many ways it’s like the quark in quantum physics.  It is hard to stabilize or capture because it takes shape and appearance based on the energy of the person that is viewing it at the time.

I went to a deeper level of understanding about myself today, and had a real heart to heart that exposed an area in my spiritual life that needed some mending. From that I have a renewed sense of who I am, and who’s I am.   No all the answered aren’t there yet, nor have my circumstances changed as of yet, but I am ok and at peace with where I am right now; because I KNOW it will all be okay.
I was told that we would have frustrations, trials, and troubles in this world but that I could be at peace, resting in the fact that it has all been taken care of.

Peace comes from me realizing that if he is God, and sees the end from the beginning, and have my life in his hands with plans for me to have Hope and a prosperous future; then I can trust that he will come through on his promise that he will take care of all that concerns me with me being blessed and not cursed.  I’m aware that to you that sounds like one of those “wacky parables” but I understand what he means, and it’s from there that I derive my sense of calm in the midst of this storm.

Anyway, I am thankful for all that he has provided and more excited for this continued journey of life. I am amazed at all we don’t see even with our eyes wide open. I would encourage all believers to not get hung up in all the idioms that are nothing more than chains of bondage, and just begin to simply be transparent with where you really are as you trust him to lead and guide you along the way. The foundation of our faith says that if we believe in our heart, we will be saved. That heart belief goes much deeper to achieve than we are led to believe, but if we take the first step in confessing him as our Lord and ask him to work on our hearts while we begin the process of renewing our mind, we’ll be blown away at what he reveals and does in us. I am yet finding out. Well that’s what I have been dwelling on today. What’s tugging at your heart?


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