YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST, the lie we’ve been told.

As I was sitting this morning contemplating some things that I have been working out in my life, The phrase “You are Not Your Past” rang out in my mind. It is what I have stated over and over about life to others since I have been on this journey to change my own belief about who I am, in relation to what my past life and experiences held me to be.

As I thought about that statement, I realized, it is not true.  You are your past, and all that it has indoctrinated you to accept and believe.  Think about it.  The body we are in, actually went through the different experiences and episodes of our life’s journey, there is no getting around it.  Those experiences have been embedded into our psyche and have influenced our thinking and what we believe to the point that the repercussions of some experiences have become a part of our non conscious mind; yet they in fact are governing forces to our beliefs and behaviors. Whether we want to admit it or not, we become the products of what we are around the most, think about the most, and the habits we replicate the most.

The things we believe that we can and can’t do in life, are based on what we believe our strengths and weakness are and what we believe we have the ability to do and not do.  Even those of us who have ventured out to reach beyond our programming, and have stepped off the curb, away from the life we determined that we weren’t going to live; are still in many instances living in the shadows of our past programming’s.

I was looking at a teaching by Dr. Carol Dweck

on the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.  The lecture was based on a study that was measuring academic growth among elementary students.  She, through her research made a remarkable discovery about the psychological differences that made some students excel and others fail, this discovery on mindset is not relegated to children but for adults also.  Without going into details the research revealed the differences in outcome when you have been programmed to have a certain mindset.

That programming is a result of what you have been taught, through the actions and non actions of your environment as well as purposefully, by those that were put in your life to be your guides.

Long story short, since you are a product of your past the question then becomes do you have to live with its outcomes or do you have the power to change it?  My answer is a definitive YES! You have the ability to change the trajectory of your life at any point you decide.  It does not matter what led you down the path you are now in, YOU with the right understanding can change your direction and who you have become, to BE who you were created to BE.  That talk will be the discussion in my next post.  Say tuned.


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