The Change

These damn hot flashes! I know it’s pretty harsh language, but just how I feel. Going through “the change” is such a life altering event, no matter how much you read about it or others tell you how it’s going to be, the experience is yours and yours alone. No one can truly prepare you for all that You will go through while experiencing “the change”
Right now my room is at 47 degrees, yea but I dare not warm it up because the slightest bit of warmth signals my body to turn up the heat and there I go, breaking out into a sweat, throwing off the blanket, sweater or whatever I’m wearing. The moment I cool down of course I’m freezing! And there it begins the back and forth, clothes off, clothes on. There is no rest, I’ve tried the creams, oils and vitamins. Some days are better than others. Nights are the worst, with the tossing and turning I wake up tired. Oh well, I guess I’ll just ride with it today and see how far it takes me into its throws, the change.



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