I’ve been Liberated but am I Free?

Freedom vs. Liberty, this week while doing some personal development I heard a speaker talk about the difference between freedom and liberty.  Before that I never really thought about whether there was a difference because to me to have liberty meant you had freedom.  True but not necessarily.  You can be totally liberated from a thing but yet in bondage and not have freedom.  How many people do you know that are grown adults, living their own lives apart from their parents, yet are in absolute bondage to what their parents have to say about their lives, so much so they experience  full anxiety at the thought of them coming around.  That’s just a small example but you get the point.

To live a life of true freedom comes from a choice that you make regardless of the current circumstance that you may find yourself in.  It is a state of mind that you allow.  You can be in what appears to be burdened or bound in your outward circumstance but have total freedom.

In the Christian bible it is stated that, “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed” meaning that Jesus came to absolve us from our debt of bondage to a sinful nature and free us to live a life of no condemnation through the blood that he shed in payment for our freedom.  That is only activated when we choose to accept/believe it and act on it.

I like that freedom can be had regardless of the state of ones current situation; meaning, you can be incarcerated in a prison cell and still be free.  The mind is the one arena that NO one can touch.  It is the place that you have control over through choice.  It is where you decide whether you are going to allow what you experience on the outward dictate your actions or your inner principals rule.  It is in the mind where we win or lose our battles.  Between the stimuli and the response is that space of CHOICE.  I know all to well that this road is not an easy one to follow.  It is virtually impossible for me to not respond when my liberty is being stepped on, but I fully believe that when you are free, your liberties can be crushed and your freedom will still be in tact, because it is not predicated on what is done to you, but how you choose to interpret or view what is being done.

It is what you choose as a response to that outward stimulation that decides whether it will have power and control over you or you have the power and control over yourself.  It’s in that space between the stimulus, the thing that happens to you and your response, where the choice lies.  It is ever so subtle but ever so powerful.  We in that split second or moment have the ability to choose whether we will respond as a person that is free from outward triggers or in bondage to them.

Yea, I know this is some heavy stuff.  It is not something that you just jump into and master immediately, but it is something you can master.  Jesus demonstrated it when he did not allow the outward trial and persecution of the Sanhedrin dictate his responses.  He knew what they were doing but more than that he knew what his purpose was and he did not allow anything in the outward environment sway him from that.

When we allow outward circumstances dictate our inner peace, then we in fact are not free, but enslaved to the “thing” that can elicit a reaction from us at its whim.  True freedom is when we don’t allow Anything to overcome us or make us react from a place that is not of peace.  Once we are truly free then the environment will respond, bringing us true liberty.


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