Adversity the stuff that builds fortitude

20140317-094648.jpg  We, Charity’s Hope are doing a 30 day challenge to declare what we are ABLE (A Beautiful Loving Expression) of; to retrain our minds from focusing on what we are not or cannot do to who we are and are doing. The challenge is to wake up and declare what you will be A beautiful loving expression of, and make that your goal for the day or what you are as a result of what you have already gone through and have come out with.
Today my A.B.L.E was fortitude. I choose that because with what I have passed through in my life, I would be considered a statistic and tragedy, a life wasted. Instead I am a Victor and more powerful than I have ever been. When I looked up the definition of fortitude it was truly a match because it means: “Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity” It is was the pain and adversity of my life that gave me the strength to know that I can and will succeed at anything I choose to do. What doesn’t kill you truly does make you stronger, you just have to change your paradigm(the way you look at or perceive a thing) and refuse to be a statistic.
We are one thought away from any direction we want to go in life. You cannot change your past, it is done, but you can change your response to the circumstances of it by choosing to accept a higher view of what happened. It does not mean we ignore or be in denial of it but that we choose to not allow it to dictate our lives going forward. In doing so we give ourselves freedom and are liberated from the chains that keeps us enslaved to the person, thing or circumstance that inflicted or contributed to the pain or adversity. It is in the mind that we either stay locked in the time and space of the event or walk out of it into the future that we choose. Fortitude, it is fortitude that I have walked out of my adversity with, because now that I Am, I know that I can do/be whatever I choose, not what is expected.


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