Life After……

imageSo here we are, writing, thinking, feeling some kind of way.  Who’d a thunk it, that some twenty plus years later I would be where I am today. Though I have a lot to be thankful for; like my husband of now forty years, my five children still speaking to me and each other.  Them still coming over bringing with them my 13 grand babies for barbecues and to hang out and be around me and their dad.

My going back to school and getting my bachelors then on to get my coaching certification and starting my own non profit all while the wounds are still there and evident but not raw and bleeding from my life before.

 You see when it was all over and the fog finally started to clear, I really saw no hope or reason to continue, didn’t  think my life would have meaning or a reason to persue.  I was disintegrated, marginalized, wiped out and made into a zero.

I had to conform and fit into the collective not be my own person or have my own perspective, oh but life after.

 There is hope, there is a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow, but you just have to hold on and not give up; for right before your eyes, right in your sphere,  is someone that has passed through your fog to the other side of the cloud; waiting and willing to help pull you through to your, life after.





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