“Black Lives Matter” What’s the big deal?

What I am about to say is in no way the fullness of the issues that we are facing today or what is fully behind the Black lives movement.  But It is what began to stir within me as I watched the unfolding of events over the last few days.
The shooting of eleven police officers in Dallas was a senseless act of cold-blooded murder.  This act of violence forced everyone that witnessed it whether on media or in person, to see and feel what it’s like to be a victim or victimized.  And the reason given, was due to the uniform they wore especially being on white skin.
That is clearly seen for what it is, hatred and racism fueled by anger and power taken in their own hands.  That my people is what has been the cry of Black people with the violent, aggressive, and senseless Murders that have been taking place with our Black men.
With the Dallas shootings, there have been and is being such an outpour of sympathy and support for the families, and children left behind, for the officers that have to go out daily and continue their jobs, for the friends that were and will be affected.  All of that and rightly so but….
This is a clear depiction of the inequality and inequity that stirs the cry to say “Black Lives Matter” what do I mean?  The media is pushing stories of  commendations the slain officers have received, the good they did in the communities, how good of a person they were and the impact that their deaths will leave on those left behind.  All of their clean laundry, none of their dirty.
Most importantly, are the acts of kindness, support and commitment that the police force as a whole is being shown, (not that it shouldn’t be) coming from other institutions in the community as well as individuals, lining up to give officers a hug letting them know they are with them, they sympathize…
Statements from police officers of how they appreciate the support because they felt they were alone” how they fear for their lives every time they have to put that uniform on, how they feel they are being targeted”
These are the same cries our black men have  been screaming for years! This is what we are saying that is happening to Blacks in particular.  But it has  not been met with empathy or understanding, instead, when violent acts of murder and brutality from the Police are shown on media towards black men.
The responses are skepticism, criticism and  judgement.  The mans character is immediately put on trial.  What gets magnified is all his faults, criminal behavior whether past present or future.  The general assumption is that he deserved it somehow and then begins the hunt for what he did or didn’t do, that caused him to receive such brutality.
No sympathy for his family or children,  no empathy from the public about the fear that he or his black brothers are faced with on a daily basis; because of the skin they are in.  And worst of all is that there is no justice, every act committed by the uniform ALWAYS no matter what ends in Not Guilty!
No benefit of the doubt towards the possibility that they really are getting targeted or treated unfairly, (executed) without trial but simply because of the skin they are in.
There is a vast chasm about how our justice system treats blacks as opposed to whites.  Why did my husband have to sit our sons down before they were teens and give them the “Golden Rule”  on how they must behave themselves when approached by a cop?  Yes they should learn to respect authority as well as understand that authority will also respect their rights as equal human beings.
That is the war that Blacks have been waging here in America and that is behind the cry today that says Black Lives Matter.  When we can put aside our differences and realize that the same pain and anguish the families of those slain officers are feeling for a senseless act of murder is the same pain and anguish that the families of those slain black men are facing for the murder without justice that their men have faced.  The same fear that police officers feel when they put on that uniform and go out into the community to protect and serve is the same fear that Blacks feel when they go out into the community and get stopped by the police.  We have to learn to set aside our fears, prejudices and misunderstandings towards each other and decide to respect and treat one another like equal human beings.  Yes all lives matter, but the ones that are being extinguished and without the equal protection of the law are Black.  That’s my take on why Black Lives Matter.

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