About Lula


I am a woman of Faith and a follower of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Please don’t let that scare you because while I am a believer and follower of Christ it does not come in the religious way that you may have been exposed to or experience. My life has been no bed of roses and I have been no angel in the process. Through it all I have found that those experiences could either own me or I own them. I discovered that I have been given the power to dictate how they will affect my life. I can choose to take those circumstances and the strength I gained from them (because “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”) to¬†become the catalysts to empower others to overcome and push forward through their circumstances. As I have come into who I am, I discovered so many things that hindered and hampered my voice and who I was created by God to be, and found that many of them were not the true design that I was to walk in. This blog is a beginning point for me to use the information that I have found to help me navigate through the maze of life and find the truth about who I am and who’s I am. My hope is that you may experience a connection to some of the tools that I have been given and allow them to empower, you on your journey of discovering your purpose and reason for being.



  1. We are each directed on a path that develops the experiences that are used as STRENGTH for others. Your voice is one that impacts me, I know there are others waiting on the “sound, pitch and tone” of LULA….

    • Thanks Audrey, I do believe that our paths prepare us for what we are called to do. I pray that I continue to be a blessing to you and those who I am suppose to influence.

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